INCC1205 12V / 5A Waterproof PWM Solar Charge Controller
INCC1205 12V / 5A Waterproof PWM Solar Charge Controller

INCC1205 12V / 5A Waterproof PWM Solar Charge Controller

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  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology with temperature compensation protects battery from over-charging
  • 4-LED Battery charge status LED indicators
  • Suitable for both sealed and flooded lead-acid batteries & automatic voltage detection, 12 volts only
  • Maximum 5 amp under load, compatible with Instapark solar panels and many other manufacturers
  • Includes a plug-n-charge connection cable for the Mercury27 solar charger


The Instapark INCC1205 solar charge controller is designed and engineered to prevent your 12V battery from overcharging when it's connected to a solar panel, therefore protect your investment and extend the battery life. The INCC1205 solar charge controllers is equipped with PWM technology to ensure that your battery reaches its maximum charging capacity without causing any damage to the battery. Similar to other modern high quality battery chargers, PWM algorithm gradually reduces the charging current to avoid over-heating of the battery, yet the charging continues to return the maximum amount of energy to the battery in the shortest time resulting in higher charging efficiency, faster recharging and a healthier battery at its full capacity. 

Each INCC1205 charge controller comes with four green LED indicators and one red LED indicator displaying battery status, connection status and real-time battery charge capacity. The INCC1205 solar charge controller is in full conformance with both CE and RoHS standards and is backed up by a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Rated solar input current: 5A 
Rated output charging current: 5A 
Charging voltage: 12.8V 
Cut-off voltage: 14.6V 
Float voltage: 13.8V Temp Comp. (mV/°C): -30mV/-60mV 
Temperature: -31°F to 131°F 

Package Includes: 

Instapark INCC1205 12 volt / 5 amp Solar Charge Controller 
Battery Terminal Clamps 
5.5mm x 2.1mm female to bare wires (solar panel output) adapter 
User manual