Direct Diode 5mW 3.0V-8.0V 515nm Green Laser Line Module

Direct Diode 5mW 3.0V-8.0V 515nm Green Laser Line Module

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Item No: 6594SD52005
Product Description: 
  • Optical output power (continuous wave): 5mW (Top = 25°C)
  • Typical emission wavelength: 520 nm
  • Efficient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation
  • Single transverse mode semiconductor laser
  • High modulation bandwidth

Widely used in education, military and manufacturing, the Instapark 6594SD52005 is a 520nm direct diode green laser module that offers a compact, durable product designed and built to perform reliably even under adverse industrial conditions. Compared with traditional laser modules, it has lower power consumption, wider temperature tolerance and better stability. It integrates high quality, state-of-the-art optics with the best electronic driving circuitry to yield a powerful & focused laser line. Unlike red laser, a green beam appears much brighter because green is closer to the peak of the human eye’s sensitivity curve, it also provides sharper contrast than a red beam at the same output power especially on red objects, such as metal at high temperatures.



  • Emission Wavelength: 510-530nm
  • Optical Dot Power :4.0-5.0mW
  • Operation Temperature Range: -10 - +50 C
  • Operating Current: <300mA
  • Operating Voltage: 3-8V
  • Laser Line Width @ 5 meters :2.5mm
  • Operation Temperature Range: -20 - +60C