BETTA Warranty Information

Please have your amazon order number ready before contacting us

The Instapark BETTA Pool Skimmer/Cleaner has been manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with carefully specified engineering requirements. It is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, subject to qualifications, conditions and limitations.


Warranty Terms:

• Instapark will provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the purchase date. During this 1-year term if any issues occur with the Betta pool skimmer, please contact Instapark directly. (email: If you purchased the Betta on, please have your amazon order number ready. Your amazon order number can be found in your amazon account → orders → you will see the order number on the right side in grey, in this format xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

• The warranty is applicable to the United States of America only. If the BETTA is taken abroad to any other country, or shipped to any of the prohibited shipping locations (see below), the warranty will be invalidated. 

• After 1-year from the purchase date, the warranty terms no longer apply.  

• For a detailed copy of our warranty terms, please feel free to email us at 

Prohibited Shipping Locations:

• Unfortunately, we cannot ship to these locations. The state of Hawaii and the U.S. Territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands),  The Caribbean Islands and APO Address. All international addresses. 


We DO NOT Honor Amazon's Extended Warranty: 

** Amazon's Extended Warranty is honored by Amazon, NOT Instapark ** 

• Amazon offers an extended warranty program called, “ASURION.” Please advise, this program is offered and honored by Amazon. This program is NOT affiliated or honored by the seller, Instapark. If you purchase this extended warranty, Amazon's customer service is the only one who can assist you. Instapark will not be able to assist you or honor these warranty terms. If you have questions, or want to claim your ASURION warranty please contact Amazon's customer service directly. Amazon's customer service phone number is : 1 (888) 280-4331 or you can access their customer service through your Amazon account.  Again, we do not honor the ASURION extended warranty. Please do not contact us regarding this warranty. We have no affiliation with this warranty. 


How To Claim Your Warranty: 

If you have any issues with your Betta pool skimmer, please contact us directly. You can call us or email us. (email preferred) When you do so, please have your order number ready. 


☆ Betta Pool Skimmers Purchased on ☆

If you purchased your pool skimmer on, due to privacy reasons, we cannot search your name and pull up your order. The only way we can locate your order is through the order number. (This is the format xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx) Before contacting us, please have the order number ready. If you do not have the order number, we are unable to locate your order information, thus unable to honor the warranty. In addition, due to privacy reasons, we cannot see your address.

☆ When contacting us regarding issues with your Betta purchased on amazon, please provide us with your order number and shipping address, so we may assist you in the most efficient manner. 

How To Find Your Order Number: 

1) Go to

2) Returns & Orders (this is located on the top right)


3) Scroll down to your order. If you cannot find your order, make sure that the orders placed is set to the correct year of the purchase date. Or you can search your order in the search bar. Or you should have a copy of the order number in your confirmation email. 


4) When you locate your order, the order number should be on the right side in grey letters. It is above "View Order Details." It should say, ORDER # xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx




Instapark | BETTA Contact Info: 



Phone Number: 562-946-8677

Hours of Operation: Mon to Fri (9am to 5pm, PST)

(Excluding Major Federal Holidays)